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![july newsletter.png-906](BASE/products/90150984/changelog/23560/inline-522659146c13112885ef4ee667685253.jpg) We are glad to announce the expansion of the supported devices with **Yodeck for Windows** in Public Beta, while also improving our portal with many new features like the **Workspace Hierarchies**, **Security Session Policies** options and **All Media listing**. ## Workspace Hierarchies Transfer your company's structure into your digital signage solution effortlessly. Easily organize and navigate among multiple workspaces, simplifying user management. [Read More](https://www.yodeck.com/use-cases/workspace-hierarchies/) ## Security Session Policies Take digital signage security to the next level with our Security Sessions Policies. Limit unauthorized access and restrict simultaneous access across devices. [Read More](https://www.yodeck.com/docs/user-manual/password-policy/#Session_Policies) ## Yodeck for Windows Expand your hardware options and leverage the power of Windows for enhanced digital signage operations. Seamlessly create, manage, and scale your content with versatile tools and easy integration. [Read More](https://www.yodeck.com/windows-digital-signage/) ## All Media Listing Streamline your workflow and boost efficiency with the new "All Media Listing". Manage all your media in one place, ensuring easy access and visibility of your assets while seamlessly uploading multiple files in one go. [Read More](https://www.yodeck.com/docs/user-manual/media/) ### Improvements โœ”๏ธ We extended our existing Youtube support so that you can now display **Youtube Shorts**. โœ”๏ธ The Calendar Apps (Daily/Weekly/Monthly Calendar & Calendar Events Feed) now support **Outlook calendar**'s ICS links.