Yodeck for Amazon FireOS, Outlook Calendar App & more

![August Release.png-4390](BASE/products/90150984/changelog/25498/inline-146931b2d3f6750641faeac22b4b1380.jpg) We are glad to announce the expansion of the supported devices with **Yodeck for Amazon FireOS**, while also improving our portal with many new features and improvements like the revamped **Apps Gallery**, **Outlook Calendar App** and stunning **new templates**. ## Yodeck for Amazon FireOS Scale your digital signage experience effortlessly with **Amazon Fire TV Stick** and Yodeck. Unlock the power of affordable and easy-to-use media players, seamlessly integrating with the Yodeck portal for superior digital signage performance. [Read More](https://www.yodeck.com/firestick-digital-signage/) ## Outlook Calendar App Introducing the Outlook Calendar app to sync your world. Easily display events, stay organized with real-time updates, and enhance workplace communication. [Read More](https://www.yodeck.com/apps/digital-office-calendar) ## Revamped Apps Gallery Effortlessly navigate our extensive collection of free apps, find your recently used ones, and explore the most popular choices in your industry to create captivating content displays. [Explore Gallery](https://app.yodeck.com/index.html#main/app/gallery) ## New Templates We're thrilled to announce the addition of 50 new templates to our collection. Whether you're looking to create a captivating **digital bulletin board** or explore more education or manufacturing templates, we offer a range of options for your digital signage needs. [Explore them](https://app.yodeck.com/index.html#main/show/gallery)