Tableau Widget & Happy Holidays!๐ŸŽ‰

![Tableau.jpg](BASE/products/90150984/changelog/3092/inline-d4e7aafaf630351971a14a66de7f4278.jpg) Yodeckers, you spoke and we listened. The brand new Tableau widget now awaits in the **[Gallery](**, ready to display your tables and graphs on screen, and in fine form. It's our little stocking stuffer for all you data mavens out there. And on that note, all of us here at Yodeck send all of you, your teams and loved ones the warmest of wishes this holiday season! May 2022 be healthy, happy and creative for us all! ## The Tableau Widget joins the party! [embed:] You can now get your Tableau charts on your signage screens quickly, easily โ€” and right in time for those end-of-year number-crunching sessions. Also, this service could help you visualize stats for metrics such as call center volumes, employee satisfaction and sales tracking. Added bonus? **[Setup](** works like our other dashboard widgets - no fuss, no muss. So go ahead and conquer those annual targets in digital signage style! ## Handy holiday layout templates ![christmas.jpg](BASE/products/90150984/changelog/3092/inline-a1ca01c595842a14cd022e7d8aaef650.jpg) It's that time of year when your screens have to work overtime, displaying promos such as holiday sales and specials. Or perhaps you use them to get staff excited about office parties and events. Either way, our customizable, **professionally - designed** holiday templates help you get great-looking content up on screen quickly, easily and **for free**. Just go to our Layouts section - you'll find the right one to get you in the festive spirit. So this way you can wrap things up in two shakes of a reindeer's tail and head on home! **[Choose your templates!](** ## Behind the headlines As usual, weโ€™ve been busy beavering away behind the scenes and polishing up a few other smaller things. **[Check out our Release Notes](**, chock-full of improvements.