Rad List Views Redesign & Swanky New Widgets! 🎉

![Blog-_-1200x628-_-list-views-central-image-release-notes.jpg](BASE/products/90150984/changelog/3542/inline-aad1ecb2e82eecbc96eaa56d3e7d68f1.jpg) Happy New Year Yodeckers! We're back and raring to go! Our New Year's resolution? To give you tons of new features that make your screens soar to new levels of success. And we hope we're off to a flying start with a brand new look for our List views! Also, our new Birthday Widget just might get the party started. And check out our cool and creative PosterMyWall Widget. Both provide you with impressive and engaging content for your screens, and they're also super easy to use. ## Our List views got a makeover! ![Blog-_-1200x628-_-New-list-views-1024x536.jpg](BASE/products/90150984/changelog/3542/inline-15abfb7e6a14e8a7b2b32caf5c426272.jpg) Have you seen the new redesign for our List views? It looks absolutely fabulous, if we do say so ourselves. Of course, beauty isn't skin deep, so we made sure they also got great new functionalities. And we think you'll love how much smoother managing your screens and content will be. Firstly, you can now see your files and folders in one view, in both row and grid mode. Specifically, in row view you can see your item details, while in grid view you can get an overview of more items in each category, at a glance. Most importantly, navigation got so much easier. Just click or double-click anywhere on the file to open it. Also, the entire List view experience is mobile-friendly too! All these signage superpowers to help you with your daily tasks, with a super sleek look to boot! So please let us know what you think! ## Celebrate in digital signage style with our Birthday Widget! ![Birthday-widget-1024x536.jpg](BASE/products/90150984/changelog/3542/inline-3c080b4a8ed1a51269e622dc9723abb5.jpg) Nothing’s more heartwarming than when someone wishes you happy birthday out of the blue. With our new widget, you can make your team members feel just as valued on their special day. Plus, it’ll warm the cockles of your HR department’s heart, too, as it’s easy to use and fully automated! All you have to do is upload a CSV file with everyone’s date of birth and you’ll automatically see a personalized message appear on your signage screens on their birthday, hassle-free. You can also switch things up using a number of customizations, such as font and color. So go ahead and delight them as soon as they walk into the office! ## Add extra sparkle to your screens with our PosterMyWall Widget ![Blog-_-1200x628-_-Postermywall-widget-1024x536.jpg](BASE/products/90150984/changelog/3542/inline-db8bbc9b306acf7f2698aad5dae08eb5.jpg) When you really want to wow people with your screens, you need something extra special – great animation, cute graphics or a cool design. That’s where **[PosterMyWall](https://www.postermywall.com/index.php/posters/mine#/designs)** swoops in to save the digital signage day. If you subscribe to their service, you get access to a huge selection of templates for everything from menu boards to flyers. They also cover all the occasions and promotions you can imagine. How do you get it on your Yodeck screens though? Just copy the link you’ll see on their platform, that gets created specifically for Yodeck. Then you paste it into our PosterMyWall widget and watch your screens shine. ## **Check out our [Release Notes](https://www.yodeck.com/release-notes/list-views-redesign-new-widgets/)**.