SPO / O365 dynamic content App w/ post 365 file CSS formatting

I like the Calendar App as we can display content from a calendar. However, it has serious limitations and therefore it is not a usable solution for our needs. We are unable to increase font size, for our Senior audience. And we are unable to remove appointment hours from new calendar entry to display only the content, not the hours. . We need to display dynamic content. Where we prepopulate a month of daily activities and daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner menus in a form end users can easily enter in SPO / O365 (excel - word) and then pull that content into a layout and automatically (from presets) make the content "PRETTY and legible" for display on the monitor. Please consider the ability to add CSS to SPO, excel, or word, form content so we can customize, beautify, and increase font size for digital display. I'm envisioning a dynamic content SPO/365 App that supports 0365 apps including calendar, lists, activities, and menus with content display customization that is applied after the app, and prior to display. The best way for me to describe is, similar to CSS. You can see in the image the Text is too small for seniors. Also attached is an example of Daily Menu content. We need to copy paste this content into a file that an App can then pull into a layout or slide for the playlist. Each meal Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner could be it's own slide/ layout content.