Playlist access to Workspace Media Library's

We have 14 physical locations to manage. Each with it's own 30-40 minute playlist, with location/workspace specific media to build out the playlist. While working on a Playlist in a specific Workspace, we see 100 items in our All Media Libray, which is overwhelming and mistake prone. To manage media, we upload location specific media to each of our 14 workspaces. To more easily edit our playlist, we would like access to a dropdown list that provide access to one of the 14 Workspace specific Media Library's. The best way to do this may be, at the root, Library level, have default as All Media | IMages | Videos | etc... thru to | Layouts. And provide a dropdown next to Libray that would allow us to choose, Library > Workspace_1, which would only display Workspace_1 Media | Images | Videos | etc... thru to | Layouts. This would keep users from accidentally dragging Workspace_1 media into Workspace_6 playlists and vice versa. Thank you for allowing us to create suggestions. One of my suggestions has already been implemented and I cannot thank you enough for the SharePoint App. It is awesome! TY Let me know if you have any questions. -Forrest