birthday notification app improvements

I really want to use the birthday app, but I feel it is so limited in it's customization options I can't make it work for our situation. Here's the improvements I suggest: * Allow for a customizable message and/or entire background, with the space for the birthday 'name(s)' more ridgidly structured but still moveable. This would allow for more than just birthdays to be celebrated, such as work anniversaries or employee of the day/week/month. * Allow for scheduling/timing to be adjusted, ie. instead of showing just daily birthdays, maybe it shows birthdays for the whole week, or the whole month. Being able to do both (have a birthday month slide, and a single birthday day shoutout slide) would be even better! These two improvements would make this app so much more versatile and useable beyond just birthdays, and allow for branding for companies like mine where we adhere to strict guidelines for our digital signs in how they look!