Filter by topic in Viva Engage app

I just tried out your new Viva Engage app and it looks great. However, the way we're using Engage in our company, I wouldn't want every post from our local Engage channel to be displayed on our DS screens. Sometimes we have external guests in our office and some posts in Engage might include confidential or personal information. Here's my proposal: Engage has a feature that allows for topics to be added to each post. Just like meta-tags. We already use this feature to display certain posts on an internal sharepoint page that only filters for a specific topic (say "HR") Could you add a similar feauture to your Engage app? An option to only show posts that have a specific topic assigned to them? This way we could create a specific "Digital Signage" topic that would allow every employee to decide for themselves if their post is going to be featured on our DS screens. Thanks and best regards, Dennis