display event before/after for Team Celebration app

The team celebration app addresses one of the major needs for my organization. There are two suggestions I have that could make a great app even better 1-add the ability to display an event before or after the date - in my office, if the birthday or work anniversary falls on a weekend or holiday, the message would not be seen by staff. It would be really useful if for each of the birthday/anniversary/new hire settings to also display the message X days before or after the date in the CSV. For example, displaying a birthday or anniversary for 7 days in advance of the date until the date. For the new hire, display the event from the date to 14 days after. This would allow the messages to display on screen for a longer period of time and allow more staff to see the messages for a relevant period of time 2-modify the data within the app - uploading a CSV is a good way to initially populate the data. However, with frequent changes to staff arrivals and departues, the process could get a bit cumbersome. With every change, the csv file would need to be modified and uploaded. It would be convenient to modify the table of information directly in yodeck.