Content refreshing in background

I am just starting to use Yodeck and the thing that bothers me the most is that as soon as I add an image to the current slider or change one element of a multiple - element layout, all elements disappear one by one and restart from the beginning (Slide Shows, Web Pages etc.) If something comes up during a live event (i.e. the room has changed or someone created another info slide that needs to be inserted right away) the monitor goes black for a moment and the slideshow starts anew. Which looks very unprofessional especially if there is a video running and it apbruptly stops or soemething. like that. Therefore I would love it if new stuff would not affect the current setup immedeatly. For instance, a new element is added to the slideshow and will be presented during the next full loop of said slideshow without the user noticing that it got interrupted Sorry for my bad English