Duration of Media

1. Can u please add a feature so that system can calculate durations of animated Gif, and audio / videos. In the playlists sometime it's hard to know the total duration if there are animated Gifs and videos. When you insert animated Gifs or Videos possibly by default it should populate the duration in the slides. Then Playlist duation should automatically update the total duration on bottom as currently not doing for animated gifs and videos like youtube and uploaded vidoes etc. When you hover over the slide in the playlist, it should show the original duration for refrence or may be on the bottom of slide. The durarion could easily be calculated and saved in database at the time of media creation or update so you don't have to calculate it in playlist management, simply get it from database. 2. Due to above limitation and not having the exact info of totat duration of playlists or media , sometime shceduling is wrong and playlists or other media continue to repeat even if you wanted to play whole one time only. for example you have a playlist of actual 5min duration and you want it to play and finish but not start repeating from the first slide again. To do this you have to select the exact duration of 5min in schedule which is not possible unless you manually calculate it. if it's not exact the playlist start playing again from first slide but not required for for everything e.g if you set First Start and First Stop duration more than 5min. Solution: When you pick media or playlist it should show it's duration so can can easily schedule duration. Add a button or checkbox beside First Stop datetime to automatically adjust stop datetime as per duration of media or playlist by adding automatically to First Start datetime.