Change the sound level directly in any video.

I am very grateful to you for resolving the issue of adjusting the sound for monitors (creating a schedule for adjusting sound for the monitor). This was very important for us and allowed us to increase the number of players we use. I would be grateful if your experts will help solve another problem with sound. It will be very good to be able to adjust the sound level directly in the video file in the media content folder. It will be right and important to do. For instance. When a specialist checks the performance at the facility. He arrives at the facility where an advertising monitor with sound is located. The specialist hears that some videos with sound are heard well, and in some videos the sound is almost inaudible. It will be good when the specialist himself, being at the facility where the monitor is located, using Yodeck software, can change the sound level directly in any video. And not only in a separate player. This will help attract new customers. The specialist will not need to call the company that produced the video with sound. The specialist will not need to ask other people to adjust the sound first in the video. The specialist will not need to download a new video with a changed sound level. This will save a lot of time and effort. This will greatly help our company and other users of Yodeck software to expand the use of Yodeck software on more objects. I believe that you have professionals who can help resolve this issue with adjusting the sound directly in the video. Sincerely. Dmitry Kostyuk. My website Usename: