More Automatic Notifications

With yodeck deployed to an enterprise environment I use only webpages (online reports, online dashboards, etc.) as my content. Currently, yodeck does not meet our requirements in regards to notifications and automatic alerts. I need to be alerted for the following conditions: 1. Currently, the offline alerts are not real time. I only got an alert after my monitor had been offline for 5 hours. I need the ability to customize this time down to 5 minutes or quicker. 2. Any time a certain temperature is exceeded. 3. Any time the last screenshot is the exact same (bit size) for longer than 10 minutes. This would alert me whenever the content I'm displaying has stopped updating and has frozen. 4. Any time a "404 - HTTP not found" occurs. This would alert me whenever a content source goes offline. I'd like the ability to script my own if/then custom notifications such as the ones above. In an enterprise environment, I cannot simply receive messages whenever the device is offline. I need to know when the device is heating up, content is stale, content isn't displaying, etc. Please let me know how I can help get these features added.