Sync Schedule with Google Calendar

I would be great if you could sync the integrated schedule with Google calendar, e.g.: - Appointment on Google Calendar, lets say 10 AM. - Yodeck promotes it in advance on the screen with a specific fullscreen layout. The time should be choosable, like 10 minutes before the appointment, think about it like a notification you get on your phone before an appointment starts. By that the screen changes to the appointment details in the calendar. - After the appointment the player goes back to default layout or the normal schedule. It should automatically sync up with the calendar and make changes to the schedule as you edit them in Google. Right now this is hardly doable, since you have to manually set the schedule for each appointment, espacially if you have a higher number of appointments that can change throughout the day. This would be really great for special events or client appointments. It makes more use of the schedule function and really enhance Yodeck even more!