Event Scheduling and Event Logos

We would love to have a native calender functionality that allows the client to schedule events with a starting and ending time slots along with an **event logo ** that can be updated by users and published automatically. Example: **Part 1** When used in a hotel where clients book event spaces, currently we have to use a calender event feed which can be set on a layout. However we need to manually insert the event logo on the same layout for each and every event and then set the expiry time/date which is a manual process, time consuming and may be complicated for the sales team. Secondly, the layout that is used to contain the calender widget still stays active even when there is not active event from the calender feed (i.e. No events scheduled message). This function could be very helpful for a hotel where meeting room booking are dynamic and requires client's logo to be displayed. Ideally users update the calender for all upcoming bookings along with a event logo if applicable. **Part 2** In a large venue where there are many meeting spaces, would love to have a feature for a directory board where it displays all current active booking for a all meeting spaces occupied as described in Part 1. For instance, it can show summerised native calender feed for all active booking with the meeting space name, client name, timing etc. **Priority** Active Booking information can be set to take priority over standard playlist. For example playlist can be set as default, but, whenever there is an active booking for the event space, that takes over the display until the event's set time/date expires from the (calendar). When the event space is vacant, promotional contents are played from the playlist/media etc. Thanks Prasanna.Rupasinghe@KEMPINSKI.COM / KEMPINSKI HOTEL MUSCAT