Support Amazon OTP Suppression Cookie

As an independent publisher I am building an internal display to radiate information about a new book we are launching. This includes sales data from the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Platform on Amazon. KDP uses personal email/password to authenticate, and this is backed by 2FA using (in my case) Google Authenticator. To support scripted login, a solution allowing the retention of 2FA on the Amazon account is desired. According to Amazon (, upon logging in using 2FA, "You may suppress future OTP challenges by selecting "Don't require OTP on this browser". As long as the OTP suppression cookie is present, a Sign-In from that browser or application will only require a password. (Note: This option is enabled separately for each browser that you use.)" MVP: To enable this feature, as an administrator, I would like to be able to access the browser in the YoDeck Player from the command line or in some other non-player user interface, enabling me to to log in to the Amazon site using 2FA and set the OTP suppression cookie so that OTP challenges will no longer be directed to that browser when used in player mode. To support this, keyboard and mouse navigation in this non-player mode would need to be supported. More than MVP: Incorporate the MVP behaviour in the preview mode of an authored Amazon/KDP widget, essentially supporting setup of the OTP Suppression Cookie as part of the widget setup.