Virtual Monitor by URL

Hello, I am a large fan of Yodeck! The recent update with Web Players is going to be fun to try out! The Web Player is close to something that I'm looking for but I don't think that it hits the mark. I am looking for the ability to have a URL per monitor that can be opened in any browser. My use case is a security dashboard. I may leverage a traditional Pi player for full functionality near my desk. For content, I consider multiple web sources, with login scripting requirements. Note that I do have some concerns about login scripting encryption. My case would like to leverage this security dashboard that I create as a tool for other members of my team to load and review. Perhaps our CIO would like to review the current state of the dashboard. Or the CFO. Can my Monitor be screenshot and published by a secured url? Refreshed on some reasonable interval? Thank you for considering! Kevin Jablonski Subscriber since 2017