Yodeck needs a long comprehensive tutorial on YouTube.

I'm reasonably computerate and very familiar with media apps, but I found your tutorials for this powerful app too short and often confusing. I'm currently just trying out the 'Free' version. Thank you very much for generously providing this to users. So I hope my feedback will be accepted in the constructive way it's intended. I'm trying out Yodeck on a FireOS Firestick and managed after playing multiple YouTube videos and following some of your user info to create a 'Layout' and display it on my Smart TV. I found editing that layout non-intuitive and not explained well. I searched YouTube for a comprehensive Yodeck tutorial and did not find a single one where the whole process with its many options are demonstrated from start to finish. There are some decent ones that go part of the way but sometimes not in the detail I'd like for part of the apps options. I really think Yodeck should create one long tutorial walking people through Apps, Playlists, and Layouts in detail. I have a business friend who was very impressed by the app and is considering using it in his multiple business locations. He's not that technical and I'd really like to be able to walk him through the whole process within the Yodeck options. Thanks, Roy